Friday, September 20, 2019

Excerpt - The Last Chapter by Michelle Alstead

Emma Barton is drowning. A single mother of a son with a genius-level IQ and Autism, she’s given up on love to focus on the child who needs her. Her writing aspirations—the only dream she hasn’t abandoned—withers as her latest novel bombs, and she’s dropped by her publisher.
Ethan Wise, an A-list actor, wants an Oscar, but he’d settle for being something other than a romantic comedy lead or a beefcake superhero. Discovering Emma’s novel happened by chance, but it could also be his opportunity to finally become a serious actor.
When Ethan seeks Emma out to buy the movie rights to her novel, they fall so passionately in love their lives are turned upside down.
Emma wants to be with Ethan, but there’s her son to consider and the secrets she’s kept to protect him. She’ll do anything to keep her little boy’s world safe and happy.
She’d even give up the love of her life.
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He kissed me. Ethan Wise, number five on People magazine’s Most Beautiful list, kissed me, Emma Winnifred Barton.
You’d think I was someone special or something.
With her son asleep in the backseat, Emma and Ethan cruised down the old highway toward a restaurant where she’d waited tables when she first came to Utah. When the melody on the radio struck a joyful chord, she hummed the chorus in a voice that was almost never on key. If he minded, she couldn’t tell. Ethan sat in the passenger’s seat of her Subaru with the window down and a spring breeze blowing through his hair. His bright eyes twinkled with the same euphoria that had overtaken Emma when their lips locked. She reached for Ethan’s hand; she needed to know that he wasn’t a dream. When they reached a red stoplight, he leaned in, kissing her with a passion that robbed her lungs of air and sent her heart into an orbit where she struggled to breathe.
“You okay?” he whispered.
Emma nodded, willing her heart to slow as the light changed and she pressed down on the accelerator. Okay was the wrong word—perfect more accurately described everything she felt with him. Emma couldn’t have written a more idyllic scene if she’d tried.

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