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Read an #excerpt from Wolfen Time by Roxy Boroughs #Giveaway

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WolfenTime_200x300ISBN: ebook: 978-0-9921271-4-5
paperback: 978-0-9921271-1-4
Release date: January 30, 2016
Publisher: Baucis & Philemon
# of pages: 315

All that separates a century or two.

Werewolf Rafe Garrett is second-in-command of a twenty-third century special ops team, sent back to present day Seattle to stop a group of renegade vampires from destroying the U.S. and causing the deaths of millions of innocent people. He has a personal vendetta, too. The renegades' leader is the same bloodsucker who murdered Rafe’s pregnant wife.

Few humans can stake a vampire on their first try, but Stacy Cadell is that kind of gal—a ball of fire in a cool, petite package. Caught in the battle between vampires and werewolves, Stacy hides her true identity from both sides, fearing it could be used against her. But protecting her heart from the werewolf warrior with the killer good looks, is a fight she’s sure to lose.

Especially when she learns that, for history to correct itself, she must sacrifice the one person she holds most dear.

Contains: Hunky, alpha werewolves running around naked, sensual love scenes and mature language. If you read sweet romance, try CRAZY FOR COWBOY, or one of the novels from the series ‘A Frost Family Christmas.’

Read an excerpt:
At the far edge of consciousness, Rafe heard the wisp of material. Then felt a searing weight on his wound. His body jackknifed, his shoulders shooting off the mattress. “What the hell are you doing, woman?”
“Applying pressure. Relax.”
How could he? Stacy had removed her blouse and was using it on him as a dressing. And her camisole? She’d wrapped it around his shoulder to hold the impromptu bandage in place. That left her naked from the waist up, except for a hardly-there lacy bra, breasts spilling over the top.
He wasn’t dead yet, but he’d definitely gone to heaven. He reached up and cradled the weight of her. She slid out of his grasp, while keeping a hand on his shoulder.
“You’re not willing to give a dying man his last wish?”
Her eyes rounded then crinkled at the sides as her mouth curved. “I’m going to assume you’re delirious and forgive you for copping a feel.”
No denying it. He was lightheaded. But he sure didn’t regret touching her breast—the skin firm but soft, the tip hardening against his palm. Maybe he could talk her into letting him have a taste.
“A taste of what?”
He stared at her, confused. Had he actually spoken his request aloud? He focused on her wide, blue, trusting eyes…her full pink lips.
She must have managed to ease the bleeding. His senses were returning. Even his dick showed signs of life. He slipped his hand into her hair, twining the strands around his fingers, and gently pulled her down to him.
“I’d love a taste of you.”

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About the author:

My first love was the theater. And my greatest professional thrill was acting on the same stage as Sarah Bernhardt—though not in the same century. I’ve had small parts in a few movies and TV shows, including the hit programs HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS and DEGRASSI JUNIOR HIGH.

Writing is rather similar to acting, I believe. Except I get to play ALL the characters…while wearing my PJs and sipping tea. What could be better?

I’m married to my first love—a wonderful guy. So I don’t just write romance, I live it!

Visit me at Also, check out one of the scenes from that DEGRASSI episode I mentioned. And please forgive my 1980s perm.

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