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Read an excerpt from 'Eternal Dawn' by Kathi Haacke Morehead

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Eternal Dawn Front cover (2)This is the follow up book to White Night
Kris and Jake Collins have the world by the tail: successful, happy lives, loving family, and a deep love that sustains them both. All of their dreams are coming true and there is nothing but blue skies on the horizon. When circumstances conspire to strip all that they’ve known from them, will they be strong enough to recognize the true meaning of love?

Read an excerpt:

“To say that my mother is pleased by our news is wildly understating a fact. She immediately seizes the situation with all the gusto of a new garden club project, and begins enumerating all of the changes that will need to be made in my life. She covers everything from cloth diapers to nursery redecoration. I am amazed at how intricately her mind works. How deft she is at adapting. In the past, especially during my teenage years, I saw this part of Mom as controlling. I know differently now. I know that it is her way of making sure that my road is paved with beauty, grace, and sure footing.

Overwhelmed with love for her, I go to her and take her into my arms. “Slow down Mom. We’ve got a little bit of time to get organized. You don’t have to solve it all today.” I am laughing, though touched by her love. Please God. Let me be half the mother she is.

Mom bristles. Emotion is not her strong suit, so I recognize where we’re going.

“Kris, how many times have I tried to tell you that it’s never too soon to put the pieces into place?” This has been a lifelong mantra for my mother, and one that I tuned out long ago. Perhaps to spite her, I am a bit of a procrastinator. But not on this day. Perhaps, hopefully, never again because it’s no longer just about me.

I surprise my mother by agreeing with her.

The tsunami that is Julia Hall stops dead in her tracks in surprise. There’s a first time for everything.”

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About the author:

Kathi - White Night Author PicKathi Haacke Morehead makes her fiction debut with WHITE NIGHT. She is the author of HEART BLEED: Letting go and stanching the flow, and THE BEST FROM THE CHEAP SEATS. She has also written numerous articles for Mind Body Green, and Boomeon. She also blogs daily at A View From the Cheap Seats Today. Kathi lives in Brunswick with her husband Dave and their four finicky felines. Her motto is "love and laugh!"

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